About the studio

Emsé studio is a new Belgian brand that is entirely based on circular economy and zero-waste ethics.

With a Master Degree from well-known “La Cambre Mode” institution, Charlotte Mounzer, Emsé studio founder, embarks and alternates various experiences acquired before great creators (Elie Saab, Balenciaga and Nina Ricci) and smaller though very creative Belgian studios (such as KRJST or COUDEYRE). While working in Paris, the young stylist has certainly distilled and sublimated her own style but alsow observed some unpleasant practices about resources waste … Indeed she realized that bits and pieces of fabric or deliberate cancellations of fabric stocks at major fashion houses represent a colossal amount of waste though this European raw material is of superior and very fine quality!

What if...?

Charlotte Mounzer, refusing to back down, had an idea: she decided to design her own brand with an entire production resulting from these ignored or forgotten noble material. These fabrics will again be alive and used for their original purpose that is to become fine clothes. She will embark on a zero-waste approach circular economy based! The models will be designed in Belgium, where she was born and where she lives, and will be made in Lebanon, her father’s country of origin, a country that benefits from ancestral craftsmanship excellence.


Why "Emsé studio"?

Emsé stands for "M.C." the inverted initials of the designer, Charlotte Mounzer. Unlike the creators who put their name as a brand, Charlotte Mounzer did not want to affix her name. As she claims: “This project aim for the “how I do it” and not for the “who does it”. I do hope to quickly fill this “studio” so that we’ll be several to develop it”. Her brand name, her initials, are not only a “hint” of her surname, but are also those of her story ... "MC" is also the initials of her late Mum. A woman that should not have passed to her only the art and taste of craftsmanship and sewing, but also her aversion to waste.

The whole concept of Emsé Studio is a perfect blend of my parents’ values and origin instilled in me, values that I'm proud of” says Charlotte Mounzer, « with as a cherry on the cake: the influence of my father's Lebanese culture


Any questions?

Just ask info@emse-studio.com